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Leeds School of Theology - Registration is Now Open!!

By Daniel McGinnis in Mosaic Church almost 3 years ago | 655 views Link:

I’m excited to announce that registration for next year’s Leeds School of Theology (formerly the Mosaic Theology Track) is now open!    

As you may have heard, we have re-branded the Course, and are opening it up to more churches in Leeds and across the region.  While this is certainly very exciting, the core of it will still be made up of Mosaic students, and I would like for you to pray about being one of them!

I don’t think there are many better investments you can make in your life than taking some time to prayerfully think about theology and how you read and understand Scripture.  The students who are currently on the Course have all talked about how helpful and encouraging (and challenging) this has been for them.  I bet you know someone who is doing it – ask them what their story has been.

Our brand new website is now live – it contains all of the vision and details you might want to know, plus a number of exciting testimonies.

And if you’re wanting to register for next year’s Course, you can do that at this registration site.

Each year the Course has actually filled up completely, and we’ve sadly had to turn people away or put them on a waiting list.  I expect that this will be the case again this year, so please do book your place as soon as possible if you are interested in doing the Leeds School of Theology from January 2016.

Mosaic has once again agreed to supplement half of the Course fees for any student from Mosaic, which is a very generous offer.  It is wonderful to be at a church which values theological training so substantially.  So the first year will cost 160 pounds for any student who is part of Mosaic, which I think is an amazing deal.

It has been a wonderful journey so far, and as we near the end of the second year I feel very encouraged about where we’ve been, and extremely excited about where we’re going.  The Leeds School of Theology is simple enough to be accessible to anyone, and yet deep enough to challenge people who already have a background in theology or Biblical Studies.  Again, please pray about starting in January 2016.

*Oh, and for those who are currently in Year 1, you can register for Year 2 here.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly by messaging me on the City, or emailing me.


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